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Friday, 3 April 2009

Egypt knows your soul

Egypt knows your soul,
You just need to 'remember' what you instinctively felt once before,
Travel with me on a Spiritual journey of self discovery,
Empowerment & healing to the mystical land of ancient Egypt

As a spiritual person I walk quietly through the Ancient temples of Egypt where I relax and meditate within the precincts of the sacred temples & tombs. It is here that I come alive with the powerful energies, the temple walls echo memories and energies that inspire my soul and consciousness and I would like to walk with you and pass my inspiration and gifts of well being on to you
As a spiritual guide & therapist I help people address their problems on a journey of self discovery and healing in the mystical & Ancient Land of Egypt. Our Journey involves Spiritual Cleansing which is a type of healing. A spiritual cleansing is not a medical treatment nor is it intended to take the place of oneI am a bachelor with a degree in social work and I live and work in the Netherlands where I am a practitioner of Speyer therapy which leads to a fast resolution of emotional conflicts within a person resolving various inner conflicts within of stress, depression, burn out, & sexual related problems. I am Connected to the Dutch Association of Psychologists, psychotherapists, and Agogen (NVPA) For more information of therapy treatment or enquiries to make an appointment please email me
I am here to help you break the cycle of constant re-occurring problems offering you a new start with a clear mind and focus for you own wellbeing. I offer treatment in the Netherlands or on my spiritual journeys within Egypt helping to cleanse heal and repair damage to the soul in this magical land of history and ancient healing. If you wish to enhance your life and make a positive commitment to yourself and the future then you need to come to terms with the past. Many times in our lives we are confronted with issues that we may wish had been dealt with or we avoided dealing with from the past, events happen that release a chain reaction once more - it has one purpose and one purpose only - to highlight an area of our life that needs healing.

If you are reading this you have an opportunity to deal with these issues, I am here to help you achieve this. You will realize that everything happens at the right time at the right place for the right reason, and it serves us. Every event in our life is a lesson to help us to learn and develop if we ignore the lesson, it will repeat until we learn it - but next time the lesson will be harder and harder and more painful, so accept the assistance to enhance the power within you and release yourself because as we solve our own past issues we will unleash the positive energy within us and find the strength creativity and healing to move forward for a better healthier happier future.

A spiritual Journey to Egypt offers meditation relaxation and a connection to the healing energies in the sacred temples of Egypt, my spiritual journeys are a therapeutic holiday of sound healing in the temples with a Tibetan bowl, massage, speyertherapy connection with the healing powers of the angels and the gods and goddesses of protection from Ancient Egypt. Our journey is ultimately a healing experience to positively enhance your life. Please contact me if you are interested in joining me or would simply understand to know more about these journeys to Egypt
I make several spiritual therapeutic journeys to Egypt and presently offer the following trips:
The GODDESS & ANGELS SPIRITUAL TOUR: from € 1.195 – please click onto spiritual tour page for more details of this wonderful trip from Luxor to Abu Simbel visiting several temples for us to soak in the energies of the ancient Egyptian goddesses of Protection.
The Bedouin Spa Adventure in the WESTERN DESERT- for more information about this trip please click onto the western desert page. This is a fantastic experience of a lifetime to assist HEALING & RELAXATION, Using the NATURAL RESOURCES and lush nature of the DAKHLA OASIS in the WESTERN DESERT of Egypt. Life in the oasis is wonderfully restoring in its simplicity, the emptiness of the desert with its wonderful views landscapes clear our mind body and soul. This western desert Spa Adventure offer is in conjunction with Iris Mejer who is also an experienced tour guide of ancient Egypt. Iris has had an endless fascination with the ancient temples and the energies of Egypt; she has visited and researched a number of them, even in remote locations. Iris is an experienced Reiki & Karuna Reiki Master.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more - Thank you - Caroline Dekker