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Friday, 16 July 2010

Prayer to the Goddess Isis

Please see my websites for more information on my Goddess and Angels trip to Egypt December 2010. During this Tour starting in Luxor I will introduce you to the wonderful world of Ancient Egyptian Divinities,the Archangels and their healing ways, where you can experience healing and a new awarness and pyschic abiity through the meditations and chakra development that we work with together as a group on our journey through the temples of Egypt. English website dutch website

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Magic & Healing in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians believed in magic as part of healing, in our world of modern science and medicine we no longer understand the old arts and would be scornful of magic, but in ancient times magic was invoked in all questions of life death and illness. It was interwoven with religion and healing and was practised by the priests in the temples.

Psychology was also used as part of healing by using incantations, the solemn recitation of sentences and words of invocation subconsciously helped a sick person, this would reassure and calm the patient soothing & calming the nerves caused by the effect of a fear of an unknown power that today we would think as superstition.

The Egyptians believed that sickness and disease were caused by evil-spirits that had entered the body of man, if the person did not recover their family would seek help and take them to the temples to be treated by either incantation, drugs or incubation.

The Goddess Isis was regarded as a great enchantress and healer, this is an incantation to her:

O Isis, Great Enchantress, free me, release me from all evil red things, from the fever of the God and fever of the Goddess. From death, and death from pain, and the pain that comes over me, as thou hast freed, and as thou hast released thy son Horus, whilst I enter into the fire and go forth into the water