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Sunday, 27 September 2009


I am taking a group to Egypt to experience the power of Ancient Goddess Isis and her sisters, we will also experience the angel realm that guides and supports us, my next trip is in December 2009 so please contact me if you would like to understand more or are interested in joining one of my trips - Thank you Caroline Dekker

Our Spiritual journey to Egypt will take us to visit several temples in Luxor where we will connect with the sacred energies, angel’s goddesses & guides within the temples. I have found the temples most suited for meditation in Luxor are the temples of Seti I, Medinet Habu, and a small temple near Medinet Habu, which is dedicated to the god of wisdom & clirification the God Thoth. The major temples are a bustle of tourist activity which becomes difficult for guests to relax and connect to the sacred.
Leaving Luxor our journey will take us to Aswan, and from here we will visit the temple of the Goddess Isis at Philae, then moving to the lowest part of Egypt we arrive at the magnificent temple of Ramses the great at Abu Simbel. On the return journey to Luxor we will visit the temple of the Creator God Khumn at Esna Temple.
Itinerary for the Sacred Energy Goddess Guides & Angels trip to Egypt:
Day 1: Leaving your country and arriving at Luxor Airport. You will be picked up by one of the Agents and or Caroline herself at the airport. Some people wish to join us that are already in Egypt and they can also be collected from the train station or airport or I meet them at their hotel. You will meet the other members of the group at the end of the day/evening
Day 2: After breakfast we will go to the West bank and start at the temple of Seti 1st. Every day, during this trip, we will start by picking up a card(s). You can choose from the Tarot-, Osho Zen or Dream cards. These cards work on your consciousness. We will discuss each card from each member of the group. After this we will start with the meditation sessions. We will share our experiences at the end of the morning. During the afternoons you are free to do whatever you like to do, you can have an optional excursion, or have a massage/healing (2 of them are included)
My proposition is to have lunch and dinner together. At the end of the morning we will decide where we will have our lunch. This could be on the Westbank, but there are also nice restaurants in Luxor City as well.
Day 3: We will visit the Seti 1st temple again and we will continue the meditation(s). Today we will start to make a connection with the Ancient Energy related to the Gods and Goddesses and the temple(s). We will share our experiences afterwards.
At the end of every morning we will decide where we will have our lunch.
Day 4: Today we will visit the Medinet Habu Temple. Before we will start to pick up the cards, we will experience this beautiful temple. We will be welcomed by Sechmet; she is guarding the entrance of this temple. We will walk through this sanctuary of worshipping. The only thing you have to do is just relax be there and allow your heart to open and soak in the radiating energy. We will look for a convenient spot to pick up the cards and to make a (re)connection with your guardian Angel, the Gods and Goddesses, your Guid(es), in order to be develop more awareness on the cosmic energies.
Day 5: The Medinet Habu temple will be used for our daily work. More and more we will go into the depth of our Spiritual Awareness/Consciousness. Part of today will be open, as I would like to work with those themes coming to the surface; all is depending of the group. We will share our experiences afterwards again.
Day 6: Which temple we are going to be today will be open, as it could be the Medinet Habu temple again or a small, nice and little temple dedicated to Thoth, which is away 3 minutes walking from the Medinet Habu temple. This day we will work on sound healing with my Tibetan healing bowl. As a healer I consider myself a conduit through which healing flows from a higher power, as part of my healing work with people I use meditation but also the Tibetan singing bowl which connects with the enegies and vibrations within the temple
Day 7: This day will be “a closure” of the first part of this Special Journey; we will visit the temple of Karnack. First we will join the meditation together. As this complex is so huge and has all kind of places with specific energies it can happen that you are allowed to follow your own path in this temple. This could be a specific mission to get prepared for Aswan or you are given a specific theme to meditate on, or something else could come up. This is all depending of those days we had before.
Day 8: We are heading down south to Aswan. First we will check in our Hotel. Later on after lunch we will visit the Philae Temple; this temple has been dedicated to Goddess Isis. In her temple we are going to work intensively with her energy.
Day 9: After our daily ritual we will have a long meditation in “silence”. We will share our experiences afterwards again.
Day 10: Today we will visit Abu Simbel; this enormous temple complex is really impressive. Situated at Lake Nasser and built by Ramses the 2nd makes you really feel humble. In our meditation we are going to find out for ourselves what kind of rituals are suitable to us. This could be coming from this life but also from past lives. We will have our hotel close to this Temple.
Day 11: Back to Abu Simbel, today you can choose which temple you are going to be, (there are 2 temples on this complex). First of all we will join together in the meditation, if it’s necessary to join more meditations together we will, if not you will split up and we are going to do what we have to do. We will go back to Aswan during the afternoon. We will spend the night over there.
Day 12: Leaving Aswan on our return journey to Luxor we will visit Esna Temple and Silsilla heading to Luxor. This day, as well as day 13 is not yet fully completed. We will visit the temple of the Creator God Khumn at Esna Temple, the temple is also dedicated to the Goddess Neith. My intention is also to visit Silsilla…..but until now it’s open as a group we will decide what we would like to experience. Day 13: We will stay in Luxor. Day 14: We will have our last meditation together; it is mending and closure experience of our journey together. I will ask you to join together and we will evaluate the trip and our experiences and what individually we feel we have benefitted from or achieved on our journey together.
Day 15: Return to our respective home country.
For any enquiries please contact Caroline Dekker by email at
Price: € per person based on a double room,-- For the Goddess & Angels spiritual Tour
Price € for one person which includes
9 nights in luxor 3 nights in aswan 2 nights in a Nubian lodge
Included: visa, transfer airport Luxor/Hotel vv, all transfers mentioned in programme, fees temples, 9 nights 4* hotel Luxor, 4 nigths 3* hotel Aswan, 1 night 4* hotel Abu Simbel, all hotels are based on B&B and double room, guidance Caroline, 2 massages/healing (only in Luxor).excluded: Flight ticket, tips, insurance, other meals & optional excursions.

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