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Friday, 30 October 2009

Dendera Temple the Zodiac and Astrology

On my travels through Egypt with my groups I often visit Dendera Temple in Egypt, the earthly home of the Goddess Hathor, on entering the temple the whole ceiling shows the heavens, and a smaller sculptured circular zodiac is on the ceiling of a small chapel dedicated to Osiris on the rooftop of Dendera,this shows the images of Taurus (the bull) and the Libra (the scales)as we recognize them and it shows the stars and planets in the positions they would have been positioned in 50 B.C. Another small chapel on the roof where the Goddess hathor was taken every year to be renewed again, we can see the goddess nut on the ceiling and in this photo I have taken we can see Bootes(orion) and taurus. Not only does Dendera have these astrological ceilings but it also has a room dedicated to shows the seven hathors, who were an oracle that predicted the future of a child on the day of its birth.

Denderah circular Zodiac also shows the precession of the equinoxes. The axes marked on the zodiac show the movement of solstices and equinoxes through the constellations between the foundation of Egypt and the time of the building of the Denderah Temple. Sirius appears twice - once on the true North-South axis, above the horns of the "cow of Isis", and also on the axis of the temple, as Horus on a papyrus stem. The light of the star would illumine the inner temple on New Year's Day, at the heliacal rising, when the temple was built.
In the Valley of the kings, it is not possible to visit the tomb of seti 1, but the ceiling in this vast tomb shows the Egyptian constellations in the northern sky. Ancient Egyptian priests interpreted the influences of the movements of the celestial bodies,The Star Sirius told them when the river Nile would flood. When Astrology is understood and used properly it can be a powerful and highly effective tool for the initiate.

The position of the planets at the time of birth is important for life.The effects are noticeable. A horoscope is a map where the position of the planets are subscribed. The Exact date, time and place of birth are very important.

A personal horoscope as a basis to create a comprehensive analysis of you as a person. In this analysis your strengths and weaknesses are given in writing. please contact me for more information of this service if you would like a personal horoscope by email at
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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Personal, Intuitive and Spiritual Awareness with Caroline Dekker

My journeys to Egypt with groups are aimed at energetic performance with your personal and intuitive development centered. You learn to live together with the cosmic or universal energy.

Students work in small groups, so with maximum individual attention.

Each trip has something special or a theme and there is professional guidance, which will include:

Experience and awareness of a reality, go beyond the five senses
Discover other realities, multi-sensory, not just working with the normal five senses
Learning that this reality is always within your reach, or has been within your reach, - (develop and/or expand)
Experience Frequencies and vibrations - Increase of vibration
Working with male and female energyDuring the trips we work with:

Visualisatietechnieken - Visualization Techniques
Meditatie - Meditation
Chakra's en kleuren - Chakras and colors
Goden & Godinnen - Gods & Goddesses
Gidsen - Guides
Engelen - Angels
Lichaamsbewustwording - Body Awareness
energiewerk - energy work
massages massages
healingen healings
Persoonlijke ontwikkeling en Personal development and
Spirituele ontwikkeling Spiritual Development

Two journeys through Egypt, the physical one and the inner one of the soul

Experiences of Egypt from one of my guests:

On arrival in Cairo I was not that happy, what a smell, noise and bustle,, you know I live in the quiet Haspengouw in Belgian Limburg where everything is calmer and quieter than anywhere else, so this was a bit of a shock and yet I am also glad that I have encountered at first hand, I thought it was so chaotic traffic but I looked and felt a terrible surprise that in all the chaos of hundreds of honking cars, donkey carts behind, pedestrian ways, and there no more accidents happened, yet I felt at ease in our van, we had a very good chaufeur, we visited the Egyptian Museum, the pyramids and the sfinks and we began the first meditation, here I did not feel really ease, then I had little experience with meditation;

After 2 days we left for the western desert, what a relief, back fresh air and silence around us, we stopped at noon to a source which could also be bathed, it was delicious, our small group and our guide, Ibrahim, have now drafts with full training, then we got a meal offered by the Bedouin who was highly popular, even the delicate atmosphere that hung in the oasis I first learned about the energy balls (orbs) in the photos, I still think this is something unheard of, are really balls of energy....

the white desert,, waauw,, great,, the first night under the open sky I will never forget the middle of the night I had to pee urgently, so I was just looking to move to a hill behind pee but when I looked around me I was still very quiet, many stars I had never seen the light of the stars reflected yet again on the white sand, I felt at that very moment such a small speck of our world....

The next day we went to the magical well at faraffa and it was here I had a very profound experience that caroline has guided me very well, I managed to overcome my fears and I will never forget this experience;

The last evening in the desert with a meditation on a hill, it is always better to meditate, the desert has an incredible influence on me and I really didn't want to leave the desert and go to Luxor.

In Luxor, we visited the temples and always meditated, some temples created a strong impression, and here again we have caroline always well managed;

I also liked this trip is that you came in contact with the lifestyle of the Egyptians (I think if you make your cruise so much less experiencing it), you must be there to take you over also in contact with our poor hygiene but I did want to;

We have also had contact with English women who lived in Egypt, we were even invited to an English tea hour, who would ever have imagined that we would experience in Egypt, was very pleasant

and now our journey has come to an end..........and yet

I have the impression that I did 2 tours, a first trip to the beautiful Egypt, but certainly also an inner journey.

This is a priceless journey, which we have had experiences that are not in monetary terms, thus caroline thanks for this unforgettable journey;

Lucienne 24-10-2009

Carolines next trip to the western Desert commences on 20th December 2009
for more information contact caroline on

Carolines websites

Poetry and inspiration of the Western Desert by Charlotte Taylor

A poem inspired by the desert...

Lost opportunities
where nothing can grow

Like a desert
open empty space
under a scorching heat

Full of Fata Morgana's
Wells, never discovered
never explored

By night
velvet soft touches
full of slow dreams

You and I
love finanlly
come down to earth

By Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte was one of my guests on the last Western Desert Trip and sent me this poem, Fata Morgana that she refers to means a mirage, so she means the wells were a mirage. The word mirage, is french, from the Latin mirare, meaning "to look at, to wonder at". This is the same root as for "mirror" and "to admire". The painting is also inspired by the desert of Egypt and the egyptian gods and is painted by my friend lorraine

My next trip into the Western Desert begins on 20th December 2009
you can email me caroline dekker on

Friday, 23 October 2009

Sekhmet experience her power and energy

As a spiritual tour guide in Egypt, I will be drawn to certain parts of temples by the energies within, The first time I went to karnack temple, I felt the need to go to a certain part of the temple, at the time I wasn't prepared for such energy, and at that time I had really no idea what I was going to experience, but before coming to the chapel of Ptah, I stood quietly and then took off my sandals and checked my grounding. I asked the spirit of the temple if I was allowed to enter.....I had to go the the right part of the temple, there was a dark small room with a hugh very strong energy....when I entered the chapel I was face to face with the 'Mighty One' the goddess Sekhmet......I had to get out of the temple.....It felt like if she was testing me.....if I had enough courage to face her......... Outside barefoot and a little bit shaken.......Again "i asked" permission to go in and she let me in......My eyes needed time to adjust the darkness and the energy in this room felt very strong and a kind of thick........ First I noticed a silhouette which was very tall.....and when I saw her more clearly.....she looked at me and she let me feel how humble I was.......but in a loving and caring way....If you stay for a longer time of period in this chapel Sehkmet can do a lot of things with and for you......She can be very confrontatinal but also very caring and loving creature. Some of the guests travelling with me ended up in a regression in this life and some of them in past lifes. To me Sehkmet is always the one who gives me support and courage when I am having troubles or difficulties in my life.

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Spiritual Energy in the temples of Ancient Egypt

There is something special about seeing a magical place for the first time, the temples of Egypt have this effect, It really is a special place; it’s as if the stones themselves carry the memory of all those centuries of worship, that line of devotion that carried on unbroken through hundreds and thousands of years… You can still feel it today… The place kind of vibrates with a resonance all its own.

The Seti I temple has such a high energy and the Chapels are extraordinary and dedicated to several Gods. These Chapels which can be used for praying, meditation, healing, rituals or just being there. The only thing you have to do is open up and follow your heart. You will be guided to your special place, although every place in this holy temple is very special!

I have a very strong connection with the Seti I temple. and I have 'seen' many of my past life’s in Abydos and this temple. My former life’s (well at least in Abydos) were “highly religious” and makes me smile now a days, because I still am, but in a more different way.

I enjoy the interaction and teamwork of working with other healers and mediums, I follow my own Spirits, Angels and personal Guides and let them guid me to the places where the Spirits ask me to be on a specific time and place, and sometimes to achieve a specific job.

Synchronicity is amazing when you have the ability to see it and act to it. Meeting people at a specific time and place or just getting into special circumstances just to do the spiritual job. Living with Spirits, the energy and the synchronicity I follows my own Divine Path, which brought me “back” to Abydos.

Working together with other friends, mediums and healers, enables me to combine different energies, forces, Spirits and enriches the energy work. Every healer has there own talents and can be used for the benefit to others.

The temples in Egypt can be used for Rituals. I ask the Spirits to guide me during these Rituals and I work with the elements like Fire, Earth, Air and Water, represented for example in working with stones, incense, and Sound is very important and does a lot to your energy field; this is why I work with the Tibetan Bowl, with a very deep beautiful sound. Working in the temple with the Elements, the Spirits, the Angels, Sounds, Stones and the Energy gives the Orbs which are visible on the photos shown on my website and in my flickr photo sharing account.

My next trip to Egypt commences on 9th December 2009 from Luxor,and takes in the temples of luxor, travelling to aswan and silsila and Abu Simbel from the 20th december I will go into the western desert. if you would like to no more you can email me on

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tibetan bowl for sound healing in the Temples of Egypt

I have stood in the temples of Egypt on so many occasions, but when I saw these amazing fisheye images I had to try and decide which temple I was looking at, and the wonderful thing about the images are they make you look at somthing you see so many times with new eyes, so I was very happy when I received an email from Chris Hoare allowing me to use his photos, because tibetan bowls create sound waves that help to heal the dna creating well being, it is a very ancient form of healing, and the reason I find these images so good is because the temples bend according to the sound!
If you would like to see more of chris photo's with fisheye lens on his camera he ia a flickr member and his set is labelled sigma 4.5

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tibetan bowl Sound Healing In the temples of Egypt

As part of my healing work with people I use the Tibetan singing bowl which connects with the enegies and vibrations within the temples of Egypt, along with meditation for my guests. As a healer I consider myself a conduit through which healing flows from a higher power.

There are many techniques of healing with sound. Mantras and chants have been used for thousands years. Many acoustical instruments are used in a diverseness of ways to effect change. The human voice is perhaps the most powerful musical instrument.

Ancient instruments, including the tibetan singing bowl that I personally use creates vibrational sound harmonics at the frequency of AUM or OM. This sound is often known as that of Perfection impacts the sympathetic nervous system as brain waves synchronise to the vibrations of the bowls. The harmonical vibrations engage the relaxation reflex and slow up the respiratory, heart and brain rate and disrupt the pain reflex, creating a deep sense of well-being.

Sound Healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep feel of peace, well-being and better health. Among the many effects of Sound healing - are relief from pain, stress-related conditions, the ability to alter ones consciousness. sleep.

In this photo I am working with a tibetan singing bowl in the temple of seti 1 at Abydos, notice that I am surrounded by Orbs. An Orb is another form of spirit energy manifested by people who have passed to the spirit world. Some can even be our own spirit guides, when I am in the temples of Egypt I am often surrounded by Orbs as I am reseptive to psychic energy in these amazing temples.

My next trip to Egypt begins on 9th December if you would like to join me for a tour please contact me caroline dekker by email :

or visit my websites :
I speak fluent english german and dutch and my guests join me from many countries

Past life regression in Luxor temple

On a sunny and quite morning I visited Luxor Temple. I didn’t know why, but apparently there as some work to be done on my chakras. Slowly (I always walk slowly in to any temple) I walk to the seated statues of Ramses the great. Immense and impressive are they. One of the statues has a lot of humor, he always makes me smile. He is funny and he always looks at the bright side of life. Amazing how awareness works even on statues. Any question I ask, he always will answer me in a humor full way of “speaking”. The first part of the temple make my feet glow, I knew I was grounded very well, but it feels like I have sunk even more in the earth and I really felt slow, but now I even felt like a turtle. The temple called me welcome and I really feel happy. Walking between the colonnades I really feel humble and I am going to sit in the court of Amenhotep. I feel the energy pulsating and feel my energy system being cleansed by the temple. Slowly I follow my way to the end of the temple on the left side. No one is there and I smell a very strong smell of really nice incense…..I look around me and there is nothing to see. To check, I leave the room and when I got out, it’s gone, when I am walking back, it’s there again……Do check again, same thing is happening. I asked a guardian to walk with me and to tell me what he smells. He is looking at me and his eyes having an inquisitive glance and with a big smile on his face, he is telling me “horse manure”. I grinned and thanked him very much for his help and gave him some baksheesh. I decide to go back to the incense smell and after a while I see my past life as a priestess in this temple. A very happy life, fulfilling my life by completely dedicated to the gods, offering to them, speak to them and feel totally connected and in peace with the Universe. I feel home and the feeling really make me cry, but now it’s of joy, fulfillment and happiness.

After leaving the temple I visited my friend’s house in Luxor for a cup of coffee, she gave me a chakra bracelet, and said: I do not know why, but I had to make you one this morning and give it to you. Thanks my lovely friend for being in “contact” with the energy.

As a therapist I have the ability to induce a state hypnotism and during meditation this is a perfect time to experience memories from a past life and I have had the ability to assist my guests who wish to partake in this experience.

A Basic definition of past life regression is offered on wikipedia
if you woould like to contact me, or wish to no more about my work or would like to join me with a group in Egypt please email me on I speak english german and dutch
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Past life regression at Medinet Habu temple

During my travels in Egypt I always find a quiet place to meditate in the temples, and it is during these periods of calm that my perceptions and psychic abilities are accelerated and I have experienced flashes of memories from my soul of previous life experiences in Egypt, my last journey to Egypt with a small group was very interesting as one of the gentlemen had regression with me and remembered experiences of being in the Roman army.

When I visited Egypt for the first time and arrived into Luxor, I “knew and felt” that I belonged here, I felt at home and I did not want to go back to Holland again. When I left the country I cried my eyes out and when I got back in Holland I really felt homesick. The urge to come home was born and frightened me, as this acknowledgement had big consequences. I never wanted to come to Egypt as there was a big resistance to go there, and at that time didn’t know why, but I had to go and so I did.

As a therapist I have the ability to induce a state hypnotism and during meditation this is a perfect time to experience memories from a past life and I have had the ability to assist my guests who wish to partake in this experience.

A Basic definition of past life regression is offered on wikipedia

One of my own experiences occured with lost love in Medinet Habu, During my travels in Egypt I always find a quiet place to meditate in the temples, and it is during these periods of calm that my perceptions and psychic abilities are accelerated and I have experienced flashes of memories from my soul of previous life experiences in Egypt, my last journey to Egypt with a small group was very interesting as one of the gentlemen had regression with me and remembered experiences of being in the Roman army.

When I visited Egypt for the first time and arrived into Luxor, I “knew and felt” that I belonged here, I felt at home and I did not want to go back to Holland again. When I left the country I cried my eyes out and when I got back in Holland I really felt homesick. The urge to come home was born and frightened me, as this acknowledgement had big consequences. I never wanted to come to Egypt as there was a big resistance to go there, and at that time didn’t know why, but I had to go and so I did. At Medinet Habu a beautiful temple situated on the west bank of Luxor was one of the first temples I really felt connected with. Entering bare foot this temple and on my way into the temple I got in another state of mind I “was” in another time and life. On my way in I greeted the two seated statues of Sekhmet. I felt these two statues spoke to me, and they wanted me to wait before to proceed my way into the temple. They wanted me to be prepared before I could move on. I waited and prayed and when I felt I could go on I thanked them and walked slowly into the temple. All of a sudden I saw my “great love” in this life in the presence of a high priest. At the most 12 years old, I was a novice in this beautiful temple which felt my hearth with love. We were very close together and we had a relationship which has been forbidden. We loved each other very much and unfortunately I got pregnant. When this secret relationship and the pregnancy came to the surface they threw me out of the temple and I never saw him again. He broke my heart and I felt abandoned, alone and very sad as I wasn’t allow to go back to my beloved temple again and be with my beloved man again.

you can contact me, caroline dekker on I speak English german and dutch
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Seven Osiris Doors In chapel of shepenwepet and Amundiris in Karnack temple

Inside Karnack Temple there are seven doors of Osiris, this small temple was dedicated to the Gods wife of Amun Shepenwepet and Amundiris, these ladies held supreme power in ancient Waset(luxor)they were considered as the living mortal wife of the God Amun Ra.
In karnack temple are seven Osiris doors, where the Gods wife of Amun had their chapels,When you enter this small chapel the energy is amazing, and the doors were believed to be an exit for the soul to leave this mortal earth,I truly believe the priestess saw all the other dimensions and experienced the astral plane as when I meditate here in this chapel it becomes an awesome out of body experience for myself and my guests.

My next trip to egypt commences on 9th December 2009, please contact me if you would like to know more, email caroline dekker on I speak german dutch and english
or see my website http://www.freewebs/spiritualegypt

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Dendera Temple an experience with the Goddess Isis

Driving towards dendera with my group I began to feel my chakras awaken to the enegies of Denedera temple that honor's the Goddess Hathor. Like the Goddess Isis, Hathor represents, and triggers creational, feminine energies. we spend the whole day in the Dendera temple, where we enjoyed good company meditation and actually experienced the temple and experienced wonderful things instead of just whizzing through it like most group tours,

We were lucky It was very quite, there were hardly any tourist.....We had a long meditation at the back of the temple in a special place where the high priestess normally sits.....and in this room it was full of Angels, the lady who was with me felt them.....I saw them lovely bright and shiny figures.....they were protecting me.......and giving both of us energy.........Really felt taken care of at that time. When we finished we went outside and a guardian came to us and asked if we would like to visit Isis Chapel, normally this part of the temple has been closed. They let us in and we had another meditation, All of a Sudden of Huge Female figure appeared in the middle of the tempel. Her energy was very strong but also soft and she "spoke"to me.......and i understand that i need to be in touch with other people by heart and she can use my body to do healing work through me (as i do not do anything, just being there). One of the guests felt that i worked with her.....but it was not me. They all experienced a very powerfull but also soft energy.

My next trip to Egypt starts on 9th December in Luxor, and after that I do the western Desert from the 20th December if you would like to no more please contact me, Caroline Dekker by email : I speak english dutch and german
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Visit the western desert with Caroline Dekker 20th Decemeber 2009

Our next trip to the western desert commences on the 20th December so if you would like to be a part of our group please contact me, caroline dekker on
for more information of the tours see my english website
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Western Desert for meditation relaxation and bedouin spa treatments

We are following in the footsteps of the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS who travelled to DAKHLA for their healing where traditions have continued throughout the whole Pharonic age, as well as the Ptolemaic, Roman and Christian eras right up to the current day, kept alive by the Bedouin who have lived there since prehistory.Our next trip into the western desert begins on 20th december 2009 - so contact me caroline dekker if you would like to be a part of this group trip on

The springs and wells in the desert contain iron, magnesium, sulphur and chloride in their healing waters. The heat of the water, combined with the minerals and trace elements is what gives the waters their healing powers. For those interested in meditation, (guided) meditation can be added to the itinerary and the desert is a wonderful place to do this, as it rests the mind immediately.

The treatments and healing waters of the desert are specifically recommended for people who have problems with:

Rheumatic disorders - Stomach problems - Colds - Kidney stones - Bone pains - Lung problems

BEDOUIN HEALING TRADITIONS - Our Bedouin healer continues to study old and new methods to continuously increase the efficacy of his treatments. The treatments include water massage, aromatic oil massage and either red clay body wraps or sand bath treatments (the choice between the latter two depends on the specific complaints of the guests and the season: sand is not possible in winter as it does not get hot enough). These treatments are deeply cleansing and relaxing. They remove stored toxins from the body, alleviate pain and give the skin a wonderful softness and glow.

Our treatment days take place at a very, very hot spring where water is piped up from deep under the desert floor to get the best healing effects and ingredients possible. This is a fantastic experience of a lifetime to assist HEALING & RELAXATION, Using the NATURAL RESOURCES and lush nature of the DAKHLA OASIS in the WESTERN DESERT of Egypt. Life in the oasis is wonderfully restoring in its simplicity, the emptiness of the desert with its wonderful views landscapes clear our mind body and soul. The next trip with Caroline Dekker commences on 20th December 2009

Please remember that this is a Bedouin Spa Adventure, not a sanitized spa experience with white walls, soft fluty music and fluffy towels. It is an amazingly fun and healing experience in the fabulous natural western desert setting!

So come and join us to feel healed, refreshed, relaxed… and full of the magic of the Western Desert of Egypt!

please see my website for more information

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Monday, 19 October 2009

Gebel es Silsilah & the Speos of Horemheb

We journey to the south of Luxor to the rock cut monuments of Gebel es-Silsilah,where it was said in ancient times the spirit of the nile resided and the pharoah would awaken it with ritual and offerings, at this point the Nile was at it's narrowist, in the east of Gebel es silsila are quarries but mortuary chapels have been cut into the rock of the west, these chapels have been built so near to the river that they flooded during the inundation of the Nile from the month of May to August, since the dam has been built at Aswan the chapels no longer flood. Because these chapels are so close to the river and cut from rock the Nile could flood each chapel every year which ultimately guaranteed new life and renewal for the soul of the deceased.
On the west bank is a rock cut shrines for Horemheb, Seti I, Ramesses II and Merenptah.

Many of the Talatat used by Akhenaten were quarried from here, and used in buildings at Luxor and Amarna.
In the rock-cut sanctuarys of Horemhebs speos seven gods sit at the back of the chapel that become illuminated twice a year, in the same manner as the four gods in Ramses temple at Abu Simbel

When I have travelled to Silsilah with my groups I have been amazed by the awesome feeling and renewal of energy that surrounds us, and I am sure it cannot be a coincidence that I havve been drawn to this place,as everything happens for a reason.

I have found out that Silsilah in Arabic: سلسلة‎ is a word meaning chain. The meaning of this word in religeon refers to a graduate who acted as a master having his own students. (I am a spiritual guide helping my students and guests on a spiritual path of enlightenment and wisdom) a chain of masters is known as Silsilah, the certification of a master having proof of his chain of masters was the only acceptable legitimation. I find this information very interesting, as I was so drawn to visit this area, and also it makes me wonder about General Horemheb, who was infact a general in the army during the rule of Pharoah Aye, and as his general Aye made him the next pharoah, so you wonder if Horemheb also chose this area as a symbol of ligitemy of his right to rule.

My next trip to silsilah is on 17th december with a group which I am looking forward to, if you would like to no more about my trips to egypt, the next one starts on 9th december 2009 please look at my website on
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Monday, 12 October 2009


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Friday, 9 October 2009

A Spiritual Lift for you!

As a spiritual tour guide I use meditation and tibetan bowls within the temples of Egypt, I follow my guides and angel spirits to the place of inner calm peace and ultimate light, I find this video a wonderful lift to meditate and relax with, I hope you enjoy it too.

To understand more about me and my work please follow this link to my website