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Friday, 27 November 2009

The Astrology of Sekhmet - Prepare yourself for change

From the 21st of November we began the monthly astrological month that belongs to the Fiery intense passionate and ultimate protector Lion Goddess Sekhmet.

Prepare for change wheter you wish it or not, as this fierce lioness will take control and sweep down upon us and force us to accept changes in our path in life,

Sekhmet will make you accept a new direction in life and make the changes necessary.You can not continue to languish in the past, and sit around indecisivly, the power and strength of sekhmet is with you now, and you will find the strength within you that you need to help heal and finally to settle internal conflicts.

One of my dearest friends is a Sekhmet girl, more information

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Spiritual journeys to Egypt with Caroline Dekker

About Spiritual journeys to Egypt - My tours consist of healing, Meditation, Re-balancing of energies, Sacred Soul Journeys, and small Group Retreats
some people seek a deeper level of connection and understanding with ancient Egypt, and need to find themselves again, the stress and technology of modern life clutters our bodies, my journeys into egypt release the person from this clutter, open their minds and free them once more.

We visit the major tombs and temples, valley of the kings, hatshepsuts temple, karnack temple luxor temple, but we also find quiet places in the temples where we can meditate together.

Alot of people advertise spiritual journeys, but as you can see from some of the temple meditation and rituals in the photos, there is a presence and appearance of orbs in some of my photograps

My tours consist of healing Meditation, Re-balancing of energies, Sacred Soul Journeys, and small Group Retreats

you can contact me on
or visit my english website
My dutch website

Skype neteroe

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

There is a silent voice within all of us connected to the LIGHT

In each of us dwells a spark of Light that connects us with our Creator. The Light is deep within us, buried deep in the etheric and physical bodies. The density of the physical world prevents us from pierce the veil and into our inner power to perceive.

The achievement of this massive power can only be achieved by going inside the mind and listen to the silence. There is a "silent voice" in all of us connected to the Light. It is your True Self that is waiting to be discovered by every soul in a body.
Many of us wonder, is this all there is in life? ". The quiet voice of our questions remain:
- Who am I?
- Why am I here?
- Where am I going?
- What is my purpose in life?

Every soul on earth will learn and experience. If you know the way back to the light and find your own divinity, exciting things are beginning to happen. "Coincidences" given a new meaning, you will notice all these Miracels in your life. Peace and harmony will be your daily practice and negativity, chaos and harmful things will disappear into the background.

If your soul chooses to walk the spiritual path the unit lesson should be learned.
Everything in the Universe reflects Divine Law and Order, that's what the ancient Egyptians thought.

• Law of Divine Unity
Everything is Consciousness and we are one with it. Everything is thought / idea. It is the Golden Liquid Light (field of thought-energy).

• Law of Vibration
Everything is in motion and vibration. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower vibrations. Once someone is moving to a higher vibration level is what has been experienced at a lower level will never be experienced again.

• Law of Action
The law of action means that someone should undertake activities that thoughts, dreams, emotions, words and support. The commitment must be made is then converted into a plan and then supported by passion.

• Understanding of Law
3 layers (physical, mental and spiritual) of our existence are the basis for operations, and procedures govern the harmony and the energy convergence of the Soul who wants to bring Heaven on Earth. All "things" that prevent the existence of these layers visible or invisible in harmony or conflict with the Al line. The law keeps the unit together. All changes in 1 layer affect the other layers.

• Law of Cause and Effect
Nothing happens by chance or outside the context of the Universal Laws. If we act, we always have the freedom to choose the correct or incorrect behavior to choose for ourselves or to others.

• Law of Compensation
The Law of Compensation is the Law of Cause and Effect on the blessings we receive in this life. This law applies to the material and spiritual life in revenues that we receive. Giving and Receiving, everyone is ensured by God. When you give generously from your heart, the universe returns the gift with a tenfold yield.

• Law of Attraction
We attract things into our lives, events and people. Inner thoughts and emotions determine the level at which one vibrates.

• Law of Standing Transmutation of Energy
Good thoughts will produce good deeds and bad thoughts will bring bad deeds. Energies with a high frequency attract high energies and overcome lower frequencies by their higher vibration.

• Law of Relativity
Each of us gets problems or initiation tests handed. If heart and head are connected than we realize the meaning and significance of those tests.

• Law of Polarity
Everything is two fold, there are 2 poles or opposites for everything on the physical, mental or spiritual plane.

• Law of Rhythmic Movement
Everything flows in and out, all things move in cyclical manner, like a pendulum that first right and then left moves. This rhythm is reflected in all things.

• Law of Sex
Everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principle. Gender manifests on each plane.

All these things are a part of the workshops I do in the Hague, and also the 'Spiritual journey to Egypt', that together with my groups we work on. If you would like to join me on a journey, please contact me on or visit my website

Friday, 20 November 2009

Christmas in the Western Desert of Egypt

I will spend Christmas in the most spiritual place for me, the Egyptian desert, on tour with a small group, and I just cant wait to be in this amazing place with such atmosphere, to get my guests in the mood I found this amazing video to the beat of the berber drums.

If you would like to no more about my tour of the desert which commences on 22th December 2012 please contact me, caroline dekker, by email on

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Goddess Bast - Offers a rebirth & New Begining

The Goddess Bast had two facets, she was fierce, but like a mother she was nurturing, she was an ancient Egyptian Goddess a beautiful woman but portrayed with the head of a cat. Bast is subconsiously the sensuous symbol of our longing, our holy desire. Her cat feline nature entices and beckons us to give expression to our desire nature and to go in search of our holy longing. She invites us to go deeper into our own body so that the kundalini flame might be awakened, for it is only when the fire of life is strong that change can happen. When Bast comes to us, she brings with her the invitation to move through the portals of death and rebirth, so that we might open to the next incarnation of our life here on Earth.

I will be in Egypt on tour with my group in December, Are you looking for renewal? The trip I will be taking helps us to feel the nurturing mother Goddesses, Angel guides, for healing and renewal, if you would like to join us please contact me caroline dekker by email on
or vist my website to understand more of my spiritual journeys to Egypt :

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Getting rid of our emotional baggage
The greatestes happiness most people feel is the joy & emotionons of love we experience in our personal relationships, these same relationships can also cause us the most suffering, pain and dissapointment.

Every one of us has experienced some pain or hurt in our life as a result of a relationship or a friendship. People react differently, some just walk away, dissapear, and leave us wondering what we did wrong, we can experience betrayal and have to cope with awful feelings of regection

These words hurt: 'I don’t love you anymore' 'I have been having an affair' or ' I dont feel we are suited', and yet YOU thought everything was wonderful. Some people just can't face a confrontation with a partner and you can reuturn home to find things missing, and the other person has just suddenly dissapeared from your life.

Perhaps you were mentaly or physically abused, and our personal self confidence and self worth is on the floor.

All these things can be devastating, the pain and loss can be unbearable,our hopes and dreams can be shatered.

So what happens now?

We find our body is consumed with anger, resentment, or bitterness. We are broken-hearted, have lost all of our confidence, we feel life is hopeless, and we have almost no self-esteem. Maybe we can’t sleep, we overeat, and we obsess, or every time we think of that person we cry or feel sick in the stomach, become angry or depressed. Maybe as a result of that pain and hurt we have isolated ourselves and can no longer trust others or get close to people.

Friends can be helpful at first, each tries their own therapy of help and advice, but the anger and pain dosnt go away, we cant 'move on'or 'get over it', the misery is too much to actually no how to start again, or to even feel we will be happy again.

How do we let go of the past and all the pain and emotional injury? How do we forgive the person who has cheated on us, betrayed us or done some other wrong to us? How do we set ourselves free so we can love and trust another person? How do we reclaim our personal power? How do we find once again, self-confidence, love, joy and happiness? How do we regain our self-worth and self-esteem? How do we get over it?
In this book, I will answer all these questions and give you the keys to finding love and happiness once again.”
Excerpt from “How to Get Over it – breakups, betrayals and rejection” by Patrick Wanis PhD
We stopped to ask Human Behavior & Relationship Expert and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Patrick Wanis PhD for a few simple insights into how to get rid of emotional baggage…
1. Why is it so hard for us to get over our past romantic hurts?
PW: A truly romantic connection & relationship affects, impacts and absorbs us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The more we attach to the other person, the harder it is for us to get over them: i.e. if our identity, self-worth and future were tied to this person, then it becomes even more difficult to get over him or her.”
2. What’s the first step to getting over them? Why?
PW: The first step to getting over him or her is to separate your emotional issues from his/hers. In other words, accept responsibility for your actions but don’t accept responsibility or blame yourself for the way he/she chose to respond to you. You are not to blame if your partner cheated on you, became an alcoholic or a gambler. Each one of use makes the individual choice about how we will treat the other person and ourselves. Until such time as when we accept that they did what they did because of who they are and we did what we did because of who we are, then we will continue to chase them, trying to prove ourselves to them, to get their approval, forgiveness and acceptance.
3. What’s the most effective way to purge the bad memories and troubling issues?PW: As a Human Behavior Expert and Clinical Hypnotherapist, and based on success with my clients, I believe the most effective way to purge the bad memories and troubling issues is to delve into the subconscious mind (via hypnosis) to uncover your patterns and the hidden belief about yourself that led you to be attracted to this person and; to help your subconscious mind to release the pain and understand that the painful event is over and not happening anymore. Most of us stay stuck in the pain because we do not consciously realize that our subconscious mind which has no idea of time, keeps playing the event in a loop and so we keep re-experiencing it. Hypnotherapy helps to cut that loop and create new beliefs that we can safely be loved and love again.
4. If we don’t get rid of this old baggage, what impact can it have on future romances?PW:

Many people take the past with them into future relationships.

If we don’t release the pain, bitterness, resentment or judgments about ourselves or a previous partner, we naturally project these feelings onto the next relationship, hurting both ourselves and new partnerunless we release the past painful experiences and hurt, we are often trapped in an unhealthy pattern keeps repeating.
5. If you could only give one piece of advice to someone trying to get over their past loves, what would it be and why?
PW: Forgive your ex and yourself; you can forgive him/her without condoning their actions and without having to let them back into your life. When you learn to forgive your ex and yourself, and as you learn more self-love, then you clear your heart, mind and soul and you are free to love again.
For more information you can Skype Caroline Dekker Skype name neteroe. Or send her an email

Monday, 16 November 2009

Angel Painting by Intuition & Angel Guides

I was talking to my friend, and connecting with my angel guides as we spoke, and I was working on an angel paintings, when I had finished the painting I sent my friend the image and this was her response

you are an artist!
caroline says:
there is nothing i can control with this technique
Lorraine says:
you could sell these caroline
caroline says:
that's the problem i can't make them on delivery
somtimes nothing appears, sometimes it does.

Lorraine says:
how have you done this?
caroline says:
by an iron machine and special wax and photopaper
and it all of a sudden showed up

Lorraine says:
I love it
caroline says:
me too, and the colors are beautiful, I used a very warm red with silver
caroline says:
all paintings are individual, I can't make this has been made intuitivly and I have been guided to create it

Friday, 13 November 2009

Spiritual Journeys to Egypt - Thank you Caroline

Our journey has come to an end..........and yet I have the impression that I did 2 tours, a first trip to beautiful Egypt, but certainly also an inner journey.This is a priceless journey, which we have had experiences that are not in monetary terms, thus caroline thanks for this unforgettable journey;Lucienne 24-10-2009

see my website :
Spiritual Journeys to Egypt - Home

Next Western Desert tour commences on 22th December 2012

I have had so many enjoyable experiences in the western desert with my guests, on this photo we can see a guest pushing the old mill in the ancient town of Al quasr. These are just a few of my Western desert trip photographs on flickr

Thursday, 12 November 2009

April 2010 Discover something Amazing in Egypt on tour with Caroline Dekker

What will you be doing in April or September 2010 ? Some people will discover something AMAZING - they will be on tour with Caroline Dekker in EGYPT - There will be 2 trips in 2010 - The 15-days tour Starts April 4, 2010 & September 19, 2010.

Join Caroline to experience the energies of Egypt, the pyramids in Cairo,the amazing Western Desert, al Quasr and the Oasis,Luxor Temple,the bazaar the earthy home of the God Amun Ra, the temple of Karnack, the Valley of the kings as well as the Valley of the queens, Hatshepsut mortuary Temple and Medinet Habu the The beautiful Temple of the Goddess Hathor at Dendera, with the remains of the Zodiac ceiling,and deep in the bowels of the temple we decend into the crypts.Finally we visit the Temple of her husband the God Horus at Edfu


DAY 1: When you arrive in Cairo, Caroline or her agent will collect you from the airport. We stay Overnight in a hotel overlooking (or near) the Pyramids.

Day 2: This morning we will take our time, just to recover from the trip. During the morning we will visit Cairo Museum where our Guide Ibrahim is going to tell us with great enthusiasm and love, of the art treasures in this unique museum.

Day 3:This day will be used as a kind of Preparation Day how to enter/approaches the pyramids, temples, tombs and all kind of holy places. We will see and visit the places from our the point of energetic perception. We will visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

Day 4:We leave from Cairo and begin our trip through the desert, which is truly a awesome experience, The first night we sleep in the Bahria Oasis. We sleep in a decent basic but clean hotel. The hotel is idyllic and during the evening we do a meditation at the source and we will enjoy the stars.

Day 5:We will drive through the black desert on our way to the white desert and during this trip we will have a stop and visit the crystal mountain, where we find some stones. At the end of the afternoon, we go to the Bedouin Camp and sleep in the amazing white desert, there is a campfire and we will sleep under the stars and hopefully see some desert foxes.

Day 6:We leave to the Dakhla Oasis, on our way we bath in a water source. We will have lunch there and after our bath we will visit the ancient Islamic city of El Qaser. Overnight in a hotel.

DAY 7:In the morning we leave on camels to a strong natural water spring, where we have lunch. Then we go to El Kharga Oasis. We sleep outside in a sand hill.

Day 8:We leave for Luxor. At the end of the afternoon we visit the Luxor Temple. In the evening we visit the Bazaar / market. Luxor Temple was created to celebrate the feast of the Opet, the renewal of the pharoah and the celebration of the marriage of the God Amun Ra to his wife the Goddess Mut.

Day 9 :No visit to luxor is complete without a journey to the West and the afterlife, and we will experience the tombs in the Valley of the kings, then we will visit the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut at Dier El Bahari, this is a truly amazing temple with classical lines, driven into the mountainside of Dier El Bahari, it is in direct line with the heart of Amun at Karnack temple
Day 10: We will go to the small but beautifull the Valley of the Queens, to see the beautiful colourful and calm tombs of the sons of Ramses 111, afterwards will visit the mortuary temple of Ramses 111 Medinet Habu, and have lunch in the shade with a view of the temple. Whilst at Medinet habu you will have the opportunity to visit the chapels of the Gods Wife of Amun,these ladies were considerd the mortal living wife of the God Amun Ra, and held a very important postion, having authority of this area of Egypt on behalf of the pharoahs of Upper or Lower Egypt

DAY 11: We will visit the temple of Karnack ,the earthly home of the God Amun Ra, here also we can go into the small temple of ptah to visit the Goddess Sekhmet, a ritual that the Godess hathor completed on her way to Edfu. Inside the temple of Karnack we can experience the energy of the seven doors, that were considered a doorway to another dimension for the Gods wife of Amun.

DAY 12:Travelling to Dendera we visit the plotomic temple of the Goddess of Love and Joy Het -Heru the Goddess Hathor, a temple that was special to Cleopatra, where she would probably have given birth to her son Ceasarian. Her we can see two zodiac ceilings, the first one is as we enter the temple in the court of Heaveen, wher the ceiling is a symbolic representation of the north and south halves of the sky, the hours of day and night, and the regions of the moon and sun. The bays to the right show the northern stars while the left shows the southern stars. The beautiful figure of the goddess nut embraces each end of the hall. Her dress is the sky; between her legs is the birth of the sun, which disappears at night as she swallows it. Going underground in the temple we enter the amazing crypts, which have scenes that have caused so much speculation, as some people believe they show the ancient egyptians with lightbulbs. These crypts again vibrate with energies.

DAY 13:Finally we will make the journey to Edfu to visit the temple of Hathors husband, the God Horus, every year the Goddess Hathor made this special journey and festival that the ancient egyuptians celebrated when Hathor herself travelled in her barque 'Great of Love' to celebrate and renew their love and the birth of thier son IHY.

Day 14:Today you leave by taking the overnight train to Cairo. During this day there is still time to do some shopping in the bustling town of Luxor ..

Day 15:In the morning you will arrive in Cairo, here ends this journey and a representative of Jwana Tours will guide you to the airport for departure to the country of origin.

I am looking for ward to this wonderful journey through Egypt and hope that you would like to join me in this event, where as a group we can experience something wonderful.

We will spend our nights in 4 star hotels, except the nights in the desert, based on bed and breakfast doubleroom, air conditioning, swimming pool.

Price: € 1.895,-- which includes visa, 4 * hotels based on B+B double room (except in the desert there will be clean basic hotels), all excursions, transportation and entrance fees as mentioned in the program, guidance and meditations during the trip and food in the desert for 4 days, ticket night train Luxor / Cairo.

NOT INCLUDED IN COSTS :- Flight, Supplement 1 room € 175, tips, other meals, drinks, personal expenses.
Required: trip cancellation and health insurance.
Opinion: any vaccinations please ask your doctor.
Specify: latest on March 1st 2010, (purchase) payments.

Early booking before January 31st, 2010 € 75, - discount

Deposit € 975, - at ING account 3937753 to Mrs. C. Dekker, Westvlietweg 10/69, 2491 EA 's-Gravenhave/Holland mentioning 15-day trip & departure date. IBAN: NL96INGB0003937753 BIC:INGBNL2A

If you would like to no more please see my english website
or my dutch website
contact me on neteroe@hotmail or my representative and tour operator Hassan heffny, who makes all things possible bless him in Egypt,on 0020105649 or by email at info@egypteagytrip on skype i am Hassaan69 I look forward to meeting you and being of assistance

Saturday, 7 November 2009

The angelic Human Race

Unicorns and the gift of clairvoyancy

My friend Lorraine told me to take a test 'what mythical creature are you?'and so I did, and it came back that I am a unicorn, which didnt surprise my friend in the least as she is a Mah Jongg card reader, and she told me the unicorn has the gift of clairvoyance! she has become aware of my talents though, and together we enhance each others skills.
My test reading was:

Unicorn -You are faithful to the end. Usually appreciating a solitary life with a mysterious aire about you. You are strong and keep your feelings to yourself. You also have a great love of nature. Truely, a loving soul.

Why dont you have a go? If you want to take a test, this is the website:
What mythical creature are you Http://

Understanding will,self awarness,healing & acceptance through meditation

The Function of the Will is to channel the energy and thus enter a positive direction. ie: 'The energy I can focus' and 'control' and 'direct my life energy'.

"I" is the center (of consciousness) the core of someone. This can detect and send the total personality, the will may establish choices and gives us a sense of identity.(feeling when I hear what is space, freedom, opportunities and possibilities.

The Self, is that still point in us that remains constant is the same. Awareness of this center allows for integration, healing and acceptance. Through this Self the Higher Self can be experienced.

Lower Unconscious, which is part of the unconscious where all our memories, experiences and past experiences are stored (also repressed experiences hidden deep slumber).

Middle Unconscious, experiences and issues that we need to consciously be able to, so you get into the field of CONSCIOUSNESS, which is that part of our personality that we are immediately aware.

In Conscious that what lies ahead for us, yet unrealized potential. (It inspiration and intuition)

Collective Unconscious .... We are all together connected.

Ego: identification with a self-image, self-assessment, self-delusion or self-feeling (poss. or negative).

Disidentification exercise:

I have a body ... ... ... ... but I am not my body

I have feelings ... ... ... ... .... But I am not my feelings

I have desires ... ... ... ... .. but I am not my desires

I have thoughts ... ... ... ... .. but I am not my mind

I am I ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... A center of pure consciousness.

Subpersonalities, a collection of selves. A subpersonalities is a part of us that are privatized and has itself as a separate identity is behaving (eg judge, saboteur, career hunter etc ....)

Detecting subpersonalities subversive, give a "voice" in some part (victim) and listening to, that you bring this part to your consciousness.

First observation and awareness, to feel, want and finally choose.

In Holland I am a practitioner of Speyertherapy, I also use mediatations and massage to help heal, I also take guests to Egypt to enjoy spiritual holidays or help with part of a healing process

see my website : & you can translate this into any language with google translator, I personally speak dutch english and german so my guests and clients come from all countries.
You can contact me by email on

Egypt has Angels too! Every evening I thank them for this day

When we think of Egypt we think of Gods, but the world over has the gift and guidance of angelic realm, in ancient Egypt when Isis manifests herself into the form of an angel she has feathered wings to enfold her worshipers in unity, In the underworld she is a protector and is often shown with her sister with their wings out stretched to help give flight into the afterlife. To her people she symbolizes motherhood, nurturance sovereignty and stability, everything that we would expect from a guardian and angel guide. In some traditions Isis is considered a Seraph

The Angel Duma is a guardian Angel who offers special protection and guardianship of Egypt, he is also known as the prince of Egypt. Duma is the sixth son of Ishamel and is mentioned in Genesis (25:14) and Chronicles(1:30), Duma is associated with fallen angels, and accusing angels, but offers total allegiance and defence to his charges. It was Duma who killed the first born Egyptians in Moses time, he was a fallen angel, who was also in charge of punishing sinners.

Duma is also the name given to the guardian of the 14th gate, through which the goddess Ishtar passed on her journey to the underworld in Babylonian mythology. In ancient Egypt Ishtar is known as Astarte and is represented with cow horns like the goddess Hathor, King Solomon built a Temple to Her as Astoreth, near Jerusalem.

My 'Angels trip to Egypt' commences on 6th December 2009, during this trip I have created special angel mediations and we will experience our angel guides, and the ancient egyptian goddesses of protection, the sisters of Isis, throughout the temples, our journey begins from Luxor then to the temple of Isis at philae and Aswan with a wonderful journeys end at Abu simbel. If you would like to join me on this occasion or another please contact me, caroline dekker on
or visit my website

Meditation - I not only meditate in the evening, I also meditate in the morning by inviting the spirits and thank them for this day...I also invite the Lords and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt of the 4 elements Air, earth, water and Fire.......and ask them for protection, guidance and help, and I ask my personal guides and the spirits, every evening I thank them for this day.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Rumi - Sufi poetry of the Divine

Rumi's poems are so beutifully written, they elegantly and consistently touch our inner being and inspire us to go beyond our limitations towards the Divine. Rumi was a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, theologian, and mystic.Rūmī is a descriptive name which means "the Roman" as he lived most of his life in an area called Rūm, that was once ruled by the Byzantine Empire.

A wish list - Do you dream of visiting Abu Simbel?

Do you have a wish List? of things you would like to achieve, places to see dreams to fulfill? My next tour of egypt begins on 9th December, and the highlight of my tour ends at the furthest point of Egypts ancient frontiers, the Amazing Abu Simbel, the dream and inspiration of Ramses the Great. I am hoping my friend can join us on this tour as she has always expressed it to be one of her lifes dreams to visit here, and she brought this short video to my attention 'Abu Simbel in Egypt - Things to do before you die - BBC' A public vote sees the Abu Simbel on the border of Egypt and Sudan at number 48 on the top 50 list of places to see before you die.

I am able to speak dutch english and german , and so my guests join me from all different countries, if you would like to join me on a tour please contact me by email at or see either of my websites

Egypt Easy trip Jwana tour company help me with all my jouney through Egypt and we have developed a successful working relationship, which has allowed me to expand my work in Egypt and places that I can confidently take people helping them to have a wonderful and spiritual experience, it is a country that has become part of my own heart and soul.