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Saturday, 23 May 2009

LUXOR TOUR Commences 20th December 2009 - IF YOU CHOOSE YOU CAN THEN continue into the WESTERN DESERT with the BEDUOIN SPA ADVENTURE

You can choose an 8 day trip as outlined below, or 15 days which includes both Luxor & Dhakla Oasis & optional tours to Aswan or Abydos & Dendera

Your tour guides are myself, Caroline Dekker & my good friend Iris Meijer,from Hidden egypt. We both have unique skills to offer our guests and so we compliment each other in our work here in Egypt.

During our trip to Luxor we will visit Karnack Temple The earthly home of Amun Ra; this is also a very powerful place energetically to visit the chapel of the Goddess Sekhmet and her seven doors, Luxor temple that celebrated the regeneration of Egypt and the king’s re- birth every year with the Opet festival. Crossing the River Nile to the West bank we will visit The Valley of the Kings, and still the burial place of Tutankhamen. The Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut Maatkaare an amazing woman pharaoh who sent the first expedition to the land of Punt and creating peace and trade for her country, Medinet Habu the mortuary temple of Ramses 111 who fought off the invasion of the sea people, also here you can see the mortuary chapel of the Gods wife of Amun, after the rule of Ramses 111 Egypt became weak and was divided once more into two kingdoms, with a King at the Delta and another from Nubia, and so each king instilled his daughter as the Gods Wife of Amun to rule Waset (Luxor) which was the middle Ground in Egypt
Our journey will then take us away from the usual tourist sites to visit into the small rural villages, here you will see the real Egypt, how people really live and go about their daily lives. The small town of Garagos was helped by two French Monks who created at its heart a thriving pottery industry to help the villagers.
Close to Garagos we can then visit the Montu Temple at Medamud which was once linked to the Temple of Montu at Karnack by a canal. Leaving here we will then travel south of Luxor to visit El Kab that is perhaps most famous for its beautiful Tombs, this was also the site of temples to Thoth and Nekhbet. This region was sacred to the goddess Nekhbet, "She of Nekhen", who was the Goddess of Upper Egypt. This whole Area is called Hieraconpolis and there are remains of all periods, from Pre-dynastic to Ptolemaic.
We will visit Assasif and Roy & Shuroy tombs

IF you would like to continue on your journey with us to make this trip a really unforgettable one, we will continue to the Dhakla Oases with its natural and healing resources to bathe in the natural healing springs.



Day 1; Arrival Luxor Airport meet & greet & checking in 4* hotel with swimming pool and air-conditioning
Day 2: Visit Karnack temple, Felucca trip, Luxor temple at the end of the day
Day 3: Valley of the Kings, Lunch at the Memnon restaurant, Hatshepsut temple
Day 4: El Kab....and Horus Temple on our way back to Luxor
Day 5: free day: On this day we offer Optional excursions to Aswan with IRIS MEJER or Abydos/Dendera with CAROLINE DEKKER
Day 6: Assasif and Roy & Shuroy tombs
Day 7: Medinet Habu & have lunch over there
Day 8: leaving Luxor for Airport and flying home

OR…………. Continue your journey to the Western Desert to experience the Bedouin
Natural healing methods and bathe in the natural spring waters at Kharga & Dhakla Oasis

Continuation of programme:Day 9: Kharga/Dhakla Oases healing/massages
Day 10: Kharga/Dhakla Oases healing/massages
Day 11: Kharga/Dhakla Oases healing/massages
Day 12: Kharga/Dhakla Oases healing/massages
Day 13: Kharga/Dhakla Oases healing/massages
Day 14: back to Luxor
Day 15: transfer hotel/airport, flying home

Please contact Caroline Dekker on for any enquiries-thank you or see my website

Tarot Reading with Caroline Dekker

Since 1984 I started to use my first Tarot deck, and I have been hooked to thier symbolic language. With a lot of pleasure, I lay the cards for people to get things clear or just help them further on, using my intuition & Spiritual guides to help or relate their card reading. I also give courses in reading the Tarot.

I have just been given a new pack of Tarot cards whilst I was working in Egypt as a gift from my good friend Iris Mejer of Hidden Egypt spiritual tours, and they are the most beautiful cards to work with and I cant wait to start using them, so thank you Iris for your lovely gift to me.
The Tarot is a very old and sophisticated divinatory system. The wisdom and beauty of the mysterious cards have intrigued humanity throughout the ages, it embodies many profound and ancient teachings which pass far beyond their divinatory interpretations. A deck of Tarot cards contains 22 Major Arcana cards. Arcana means secrets and there are 56 remaining cards . These Major Arcana can be considered the Gate keepers of Higher Knowlegde. It’s a dialogue without words, the language is symbolic, some of the paintings just speaks for themselves.Tarot is a valuable tool and can be used to get greater spiritual understanding and self-awareness. The Tarot does not belong to any religion. The traditional Tarot embodies the imagery and motifs of a wide range of cultures and belief systems.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

LISTEN to your heart when you meditate – The Heart Chakra

When I mediate and listen to the wisdom of the heart and my guiding Angels, I find strength in their support and strength from the Goddesses Isis & her sisters from Ancient Egypt, as I have a special affinity with ancient Egypt.

In our society most people think from the head and not the heart, and yet our heart is the one organ that keeps us alive, it pulsates with passion, it can truly be broken, if we listen to it can guide us, it has much wisdom and you need to listen with it. Ancient Egyptians knew this well. Today with the rapid progression of a computerized world, we have forgotten what the ancients understood, they were in tune with the earth, stars, sun moon tides and the seasons, they worked in tune with the gifts of creation, but now people value rational logical decisions over acceptance of a heart motivated one.. As we are now in a different dimension vibrationaly, personal decisions made without the wisdom of a calm heart are rarely accurate.

If we become stressed in this fast pace technical world, our heart beats faster, pain can occur in the chest, and no clear messages can be received. So you work from your head and rational mind alone or your gut feeling only. The heart chakra is a connecting point between the head and crown and lower body chakras - if the heart chakra is open you listen to its wisdom you act out of a place of love and compassion for others and yourself.

Meditation is one of the world’s oldest disciplines to connect the mind body and soul.

First, you must clean your body for purification purposes. Next, go into a quiet, serene place, begin burning some incense. Then, sit in a comfortable position in which you’re relaxed; visualize that you’re near the waves of the oceans, listen to the birds fly over your head , continue to listen to the natural tones of the birds, wind, and feel the vibrations of the whales that are swimming in the ocean. One who prostrates, meditates, prays, and chants in tones will levitate. Always take the time to give praise to your guadian angels for their help and enlightenment, and give thanks for the day.

The Sufis say, "If human beings knew their own inner secrets, never would they look elsewhere for seeking happiness, peace and inner light." This answer is quite simple, look within oneself to find one’s true self. The voice you will hear is the real person that guides you through your meditations. Meditate as many times as you need for relaxation

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Past Life regression experiences in Egypt

When I visited Egypt for the first time and arrived in Luxor, I “knew and felt” that I belonged here, I felt at home and I did not want to go back to Holland again. When I left Egypt again I cried my eyes out and when I got back in Holland I really felt homesick. The urge to come home was born and it frightened me, as this acknowledgement had big consequences. I never wanted to come to Egypt as there was a big resistance to go there, and at that time didn’t know why, but I had to go and so I did.

During my travels in Egypt I find quiet places in the temple grounds to meditate which not only calms the body it also enhances psycic ability, and on my travels alone or with my guests we have both experienced past life regression and memories of former lives that our soul remembers we have experienced here.

Medinet Habu is the Mortuary temple of Ramses 111, it is a beautiful temple situated on the west bank of Luxor, and was one of the first temples I really felt connected with. Entering bare foot this temple and on my way into the temple I got in another state of mind I “was” in another time and life. On my way in I greeted the two seated statues of Sekhmet. I felt these two statues spoke to me, and they wanted me to wait before to proceed my way into the temple. They wanted me to be prepared before I could move on. I waited and prayed and when I felt I could go on I thanked them and walked slowly into the temple. All of a sudden I saw my “great love” in this life in the presence of a high priest. At the most 12 years old, I was a novice in this beautiful temple which felt my hearth with love. We were very close together and we had a relationship which has been forbidden. We loved each other very much and unfortunately I got pregnant. When this secret relationship and the pregnancy came to the surface they threw me out of the temple and I never saw him again. He broke my heart and I felt abandoned, alone and very sad as I wasn’t allow to go back to my beloved temple again and be with my beloved man again.The Rammessium mortuary temple, On a very quite morning when I was alone I had a long meditation at the Rammessium temple, and it is during these periods of meditation that I remember instances from a past life and feel the déjà vue of where I am. I remember living with my husband in Upper Egypt; it’s a small village with all kind of mud brick house. I lived an ordinary life, working in the field, trying to survive and married to my great love in this life again. We are about 16 or 17 years old. We are very happy together, we make a lot of fun, have a great telepathic connection (again) and everything is very peaceful and in harmony. We live in a community with the rest of our relatives and we are really happy. One day as I was working in the fields and I was bitten by a snake, I ran all the way home; the poison works really quickly. I felt down on the mud floor in the house and my husband panicked as he didn’t know what was happening to me. I felt my body begin to paralyze, I can’t speak anymore, so I was unable to talk and explain to him. In his panic he took my by the shoulders and is yelling and shouting at me. I feel my body swoon and then paralysis begins and I can speak or tell him what is wrong. My brain knows that I am going to die. The look on his face, I will never forget, when I died (which happened really quickly) he was in total anguish, because I had left him. In this particular life he had a broken heart.Luxor Temple, on a sunny and quite morning I had to go to the temple. I didn’t know why, but apparently there as some work to be done on my chakras. Slowly (I always walk slowly in to any temple) I walk to the big statues. Immense and impressive are they. One of the statues has a lot of humor, he always makes me smile. He is funny and he always looks at the bright side of life. Amazing how awareness works even on statues. Any question I ask, he always will answer me in a humor full way of “speaking”. The first part of the temple make my feet glow, I knew I was grounded very well, but it feels like I have sunk even more in the earth and I really felt slow, but now I even felt like a turtle. The temple called me welcome and I really feel happy. Walking between the colonnades I really feel humble and I am going to sit in the court of Amenhotep. I feel the energy pulsating and feel my energy system being cleansed by the temple. Slowly I follow my way to the end of the temple on the left side. No one is there and I smell a very strong smell of really nice incense…..I look around me and there is nothing to see. To check, I leave the room and when I got out, it’s gone, when I am walking back, it’s there again……Do check again, same thing is happening. I asked a guardian to walk with me and to tell me what he smells. He is looking at me and his eyes having an inquisitive glance and with a big smile on his face, he is telling me “horse manure”. I grinned and thanked him very much for his help and gave him some baksheesh. I decide to go back to the incense smell and after a while I see my past life as a priestess in this temple. A very happy life, fulfilling my life by completely dedicated to the gods, offering to them, speak to them and feel totally connected and in peace with the Universe. I feel home and the feeling really make me cry, but now it’s of joy, fulfillment and happiness.After leaving the temple I visited my friend’s house in Luxor for a cup of coffee, she gave me a chakra bracelet, and said: I do not know why, but I had to make you one this morning and give it to you. Thanks my lovely friend for being in “contact” with the energy.

Chakras of the Nile with Caroline Dekker

When Egypt’s sacred sites are experienced, it is possible to awaken these enteric power centers and experience the higher consciousness of ancient Egypt.
Basic Chakra Opening - Philae: The sacred Temple of Isis is a source of love and an opening of the heart. Isis Temple bestows her blessing as the chakra journey begins.
Root - 1st chakra: Aswan - where Ancient Egyptians believed the source of the Nile to be Elephantine Island which is the home of the temple dedicated to Khnum the god of creation, survival, lust and lessons. Sacral - 2nd chakra: Kom Ombo - temple is dedicated to Horus, the falcon headed god, and Sobek, the crocodile god. Kom Ombo is the embodiment of our higher & lower selves, the dark & the light, and of finding a harmonious union within ourselves.
Solar Plexus - 3rd chakra: (a) KARNACK temple complex possesses powerful, magic potential. The Goddess Sekhmet whose sanctuary is found at Karnack is often associated with the solar plexus and is also linked with power, magical potential, and "healing the warrior." (b) LUXOR Temple - also associated with the 3rd chakra is the center for revealing power, control and ego. Often referred to as the Temple of Man.
Heart - 4thchakra: (a) DENDERA- Ancient Egyptians believed that intelligence and will were situated in the heart; and, when the heart is open our spiritual selves will be revealed. Dendera is the temple site dedicated to Hathor the goddess of love & joy. (b) ABYDOS - is linked to the death of the god Osiris and his rebirth which was manifested by Isis’ unconditional love. The heart chakra tends to rule compassion and wisdom. The heart blends all of the other chakras.
Throat - 5thchakra: SAQQARA - opens the portal to communication, growth, expansion, and speaking one’s higher personal truth. Saqqara is aligned with the God Thoth the enlightened communicator, the holy scribe, and wisdom keeper. In ancient times Thoth was called Djehuti, the architect of wisdom. Brow/Third Eye - 6th chakra: SPHINX - "the soul star" - a pathway to accessing ancient knowledge through meditation and divination. Through an expanded place of awareness it is possible to see all things as they truly are with no questions, no judgment. Crown
- 7thchakra: The Great Pyramid of Giza - connects to the one true source and generates a sense of oneness with everything. The purity of Crown Chakra and pure magnificence of the Great Pyramid allows journeying on the astral plane.