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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Meditate - Healing - Reiniging & Tibetaanse klankschaal in de Tempel van Thoth in Luxor


Tijdens onze reis, waarbij wij met z'n tienen waren, kwamen we aan bij de kleine tempel gewijd aan de God Thoth. Het tempeltje ligt op een kleine afstand van Medinet Habu verwijderd. De tempelbewaker werd opgehaald om de tempel voor ons te openen en ons de toegang tot het heiligdom van deze heilige plaats mogelijk te maken.

Thoth is de oude Egyptische god van wijsheid en intuïtie. In deze kleine rustige omgeving met mijn gasten gebruikt Caroline een meditatie waarbij tevens het branden van wierook en de trillingen van de Tibetaanse Klankschaal helpen om alle oude opgeslagen ballast in hun lichaam en DNA eruit te werken. De klankschaal geeft geluidsgolven en helpt bij de genezing. Als Caroline eenmaal bezig is, wordt zij volledig omsloten door de ons omringende energie en reageert zij automatisch op de behoeften haar gasten waarbij zij geleidt wordt door haar Gidsen en de Engelen.

Lorraine observeert de meditaties tijdens de reis, waarbij zij in staat is sommige gasten meer informatie en daardoor inzicht te laten verkrijgen over wat er met hen gebeurd is en waarom. De gasten/deelnemers kunnen elk een diepgaande reactie in verschillende tempels of plaatsen ervaren of krijgen. De kennis die Lorraine heeft van de tempels en de geschiedenis van de Goden, biedt hen een (in)zicht dat vele anderen het hoofd zouden zien. Lorraine begrijpt hoe de verschillende reacties optreden binnen de persoon en de relatie tot de specifieke tempel of Goden waar zij op dat moment mee omringd zijn. Net zoals de oude Egyptische religie en tempels een weerspiegeling zijn van het universum en de menselijke ziel, resoneren de tempels en de krachtplekken met ons via onze ziel en onze zintuigen.

In de tempel van Thoth zat Lorraine rustig onze meditatie waar te nemen en legde de ingrijpende gevolgen van dat moment van één van onze gasten vast. Zij (Anke) was onder meer meegegaan op deze reis/vakantie omdat dit haar verder zou helpen in het proces van heling. Dit proces was al een aantal jaren geleden in gang was gezet, namelijk 5 jaar geleden toen zij voor het eerst meeging naar Egypte op een spirituele reis. Vlak voor deze reis (2009) had zij een week methode Speyer gedaan hetgeen een bewuste keuze is geweest om het proces van afronding en genezing een handje te helpen.

*** Mijn gast heeft gegeven haar persoonlijke toestemming om dit moment met je te delen, zij voelde dat wat in de Tempel van Thoth gebeurde een zichtbaar en duidelijk verschil maakte voor haar emotionele welzijn.

A Healing & Cleansing Ritual with Caroline Dekker in the Temple of Thoth

In the temple of Thoth Lorraine quietly observed our meditation and captured the profound effects of the moment for one of my guests Anke who had joined the holiday to help her to continue with a course of speyertherapy and healing.

Lorraine observes our mediations during the tour, which enables her to perhaps offer some guests more of an insight as to what happened to them and why, as they can each have a profound reaction in different temples or places, and with her knowledge of the temples and history of the Gods, it offers her an insight that many others would overlook, and she can understand how different reactions occur within people, and its relation to the specific temple or Gods that we are surrounded by, as ancient Egyptian religion and temples are a reflection of the universe and the human soul, effecting us through sound sight and senses.

Thoth is the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom and intuition. In this small quiet area with my guests I used meditation with incense, and the Tibetan bowl, to help work out any stress that was stored in their bodies and dna, the bowl works on sound waves and helps with healing. Once I am working I am completely enclosed in the energy surrounding us and automatically respond to my guests needs.

'I must admit I was very moved by the whole experience, and watching you I almost felt you wipe away the anguish from her with the cleansing ritual that you performed in a very calm methodical way, and also I noticed Anke seemed very happy as the holiday progressed, as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. I noticed she made rapid improvements from that point.' the video is very powerful and emotional and creates a lasting impression, showing a healing and release of emotional baggage.

***All that guests shown on my websites or links have given their approval of photo images or videos on tour, I always ask my guests on tour if they would prefer not to be seen on photos or movies, and obviously if they prefer not to be filmed then I respect their wishes.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Greco-Roman Bahariya, mummies, cemetries, death masks

When visiting the area of Bahriya oasis with my groups and our wonderful spiritual christian egyptian guide, Ibrahim,enthusiastically leads us to the ancient cemetry sites, delves into cave like tombs to find, mummies wrapped in just linen, possible mercenaries of Alexander the great in the area, we have entered an area of Egypt that has the strongest connections where history is woven and blends with the history of the Ancient Greek and Roman rules of Egypt.

Alexandra the great had a temple built here, and it became a thriving town for the wine trade,that brought alot of wealth to the area, allowing merchants to have tombs built for themselves, and it also developed an extensive Roman cemetry. It is this area in which the golden mummies were found.What makes these Greco-Roman mummies and their death masks so extraordinary,is that the Romans blended their beliefs with the ancient egyptian practice of preserving the bodies for the afterlife,but they painted their mummy faces to show a realistic impression of the face of the deceased, which offers a feeling of actually 'knowing' the deceased.

The unusual faces or death masks of Bahariya offered us an impression of people with individual characters, their pasts an promise of an afterlife. The images are personalised, sometimes in touching ways. One female mummy that we saw in the museum has beautiful eyes that are accentuated by eyeliner, and it reminded me of a saying of my own grandmothers, 'always dress to impress as you never know what might happen to you, this young woman obviously wanted to be seen at her best in the afterlife.

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Al Qasr A video brought to life with amazing sounds of Egyptian desert

The vibrancy of Egyptians western desert is brought to life with the music to this video,On top of a mountain overlooking the Dakla oasis, the ancient town of al qasr is still standing proud after many centuries, with perfectly preserved buildings and implements. I am sure this video will bring wonderful memories back for some of my guests and friends who have visited this ancient town with me on my western desert tour that I take to Egypt every christmas and new year. Some of my guests are just simply drawn to the life of the desert, which is a completely different experience to the tours of the ancient sites on the River Nile.

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Muzawaka Tombs In Western Desert

Every Christmas and New year I take a group into the western desert to refresh the body with clarity energy vibrancy and amazing atmosphere of the Egyptian Western desert. This year we visited the tombs of Muzawaka in Dakhleh Oasis, near ancient Amheida,which was incredible as the tombs are still full of mummies! In this place you look death in the face, you think of the human souls and their lives who have layed in these tombs, since the first and second second centuries after the birth of Jesust Christ. This is an awesome experience and left me with a most poignant effect. Boujewin enthusiastically investigated lots of the tombs and was really effected with his experience in this necropolis. Have a look at this facinating video of the tombs full of mummies.

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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Ancient Egyptian Prayer to the Goddess Bastet

Beloved Bastet, mistress of happiness and bounty, twin of the Sun God, slay the evil that afflicts our minds as you slay the serpent Apep. With your graceful stealth anticipate the moves of all who perpetrate cruelties and stay their hands against the children of light. Grant us the joy of song and dance, and ever watch over us in the lonely places in which we must walk - Ancient Egyptian Prayer to the Goddess Bastet

I love cats and have always had an affinity with them,and have four cats of my own at home. In Egypt Bubastis was dedicated to the worship of 'Bastet'the Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess,the name Bubastisis means "realm of the cat." Bastet was a friend of humanity, who loved music and dance. She was a source of joy and pleasure. Bastet protected people from sadness, hunger, and illnesses from the body and mind, which if you think about your own cat at home, they do offer us this love and joy, and just sitting quietly stroking your cat as they purr is a comfort to us.

Bastet also protected people from the action of ghosts, evil spirits, and demons. Once a year a great festival was held to honor Baset. The festival lasted for three days. On the night of the third day,one candle was lit inside the temple of Baset. Then the light was spread around the town, Prayers and hyms are recited accompanied by incenseand prayers and hymns were mummies were found.

In the cemetry at Bubastis over 30,000 cat mummies were found, in the tombs in the valley of the kings you sometimes see cats defending and fighting the apep snake which was considered as totally evil.Bastet was portrayed either completely as a cat, or a beautiful slender feline woman with the beautiful cat head.

I would be lost without my own cats, they are a constant source of comfort to me. When I was in egypt my friend had a cat called Sabina, but my friend called her silly bina because of how she would scitter about and play on the rooftop,Egyptians today no longer have the reverence for cats that their ancient ancestors had and cats are often left to fend for themselves in the streets which is sad. Me and silly bina in luxor

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Apocalypse

Their are many spells and hymns in the Egyptian book of the Dead, in one passage the creator God Amun describes how after millions of millions of years I will destroy all that I have made, this world will return to Nu, to the limitless waters, like its original state as described in the creation myth, Following this Apocalypse only two cosmic forces will survive, I and Osiris will be the remainder, and then I will come and sit with him in one place.

According to Egyptian cosmonology Amun was the original source of all the worlds elements and forces, Osiris as the God of afterlife, promised life after death, together they offer a vision of a future that will be re-created again, as the human soul lasts for eternity among the stars.

The Ancient Egyptians knew the book of the dead as the book of coming forth, this book was a collection of hymns, spells, and instructions to assist the deceased to pass through many obstacles placed in their way as they journeyed through the afterlife, it helped to overcome these terrors, genies, and the Apep snake which was considered as the force of chaos and personification of all that was evil, with the help of the book of the dead they would pass safely into the hall of Judgement for their Trial, and if they were found a righteous person, then they would sit at the side of Osiris and enjoy life eternal.