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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Valley of the Whales

I have chosen a very interesting and unusual area to visit for the final day of our tour, we will visit Al Fayoum Oases & the Valley of the Whales - Yes........ Egypt has been under water, and here at the Valley of the whales the skeletons of whales are found,This area contains around 400 fossilized skeletons of 40 million-year old whales, some of which had hind legs, as these mammals were still in the process of migrating back into the sea, Since July 2005 this has become a Unesco world heritage site. The valley of the whales is located behind a mountain that is known as Garet Gohannam, gara which means the mountain of hell! in the light of the setting sun, the mountain seems ablaze with an eerie red light