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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Totem Animals

Today I had been really luckey,  not only having this beautiful weather but also to meet some different animals today.
Jenny and I went to two people's bay. This part of the southcoast in Western-Australia is so nice, desolated, clean and empty. The  beaches are white and the temperature of the ocean water is great.

In the ocean there were 3 pelicans swimming towards me, so in this case the there were 4 of us in the water. Very calm but also close they passed me by 2 times. Looking a bit curious what kind of strange fish in bathing suit was swimming in their water. Right now there is a big discussion of the Sharks killing. There are more great white's, and some people have been killed by these sharks. Last week a young guy of 28 was spearfishing and got caught by a great white one. Think that's all part of the deal, the ocean is their territory, not ours.
Back to those lovely pelicans, there were three of them.  3 is a very luckey number, it means growth, abundance and wealth. Pelican as a totem animal means abundance as well, gentle, sensible and havng fun.
On the asphalt we saw several racehors goanna's. Amazing creatures and as their name already suggested, they are so quick. This animal will only appear when the and place is right and appropiate. It can not be forced to visit us, commune with us or share messages with us. This animal is a proud, strong energy that responds best to proud, strong approaches. Presenting yourself in times of full sunlight, announcing yourself with confidence and waiting patiently will often reveal the goanna, who somtimes appears much larger in visualisations and in the other worlds.

The Goanna tends to have a direct communication (element of fire in the Tarot) style which is particularly vivid, this might relate back to the goanna's connection with dreams and visions. The presence of the goanna can strengthen dreams and visions and therefore using visualization and lucid dreaming to contact goanna are other very successful ways of communing with this strong energy. Goanna also responds well  to woodwind and rattle-type instruments.

After my swim we sat under the eucalyptus trees enjoying our vieuw, the ocean and the seabreeze. Much to our surprise we so a dugite snake and this was really a big one. Those snakes are very very dangerous, because they are so venomous and even the young snakes are capable of delivering a fatal envenomation to a human.
The Magnificent Snake Totem possesses the following virtues: Wisdom, healing, intuition, awaking of creative forces, ability to handle change without resistance, new opportunities for change, material vitality, intellect, power over rashness in speech and thought, emotional control, increased sensitivity to the environment, increased powers of smell, transmutation, and increased powers of observation.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Amazing experience during a trance healing

Really BLESSED, that's how I feel. Some weeks ago, I decided completely on my insticts to pay my deceased cousin Debbie a visit at her grave, this all during my upcoming trip to Australia. This trip is not only about visiting my mother, but also to meditate on the sephorots of the Kababalah, doing card readings, swimming and visiting places wich I have never seen before. This time I did not prepare anything for the trip, except packing adn repacking my suitcase over and over again. This all due to heavey weight.
Having relatives and friends abroad on the other side of the globe brings heavy weight, because of the presents people and friends ask me to take it with me for them. Ofcourse, I even take presents with me and all of a sudden the trunks weighs 25 kilos. My intention was to travel light this time, don't think I succeeded very well.
To my opinion coincidence does not exist and the paths of Wieke and me crossed again. Many years ago she received all kind of symbols which she incorporated in her art work.
She is an artist, you know. These artworks are and were waiting to be used in time. Apparently now the time was right and Wieke came to visit my place. Together we made everything ready to start working.Wieke told me she was instructed to place 2 symbols instead of one. She had been a bit astonished, as the physical body can only handle one symbol at the time. But " they on the other side" were very specific in the instructions, so 2 symbols were going to be worked on. "How much time will it take?"I asked her. Wieke replied, " i never know this in advance. I should have known, as this kind of work we both do is a bit different and when 'it's done' it's done. Wieke puts a huge symbol (something about 1.80 meter) on the matras and I lay myself on top of the symbol, close my eyes and open myself. It was the symbol of the diamond.

Then, all of a sudden 'IT' strated and in such a way that it seems to me that I got myself seated in a rollercoaster. All kinds of colors were shown to me and I could see and feel the energy flowing and running throughmy entire body. The energies on the outside of my body were visable as well. The colors were no earthly colors and thus made this difficult to describe how they looked like. It turned out to be all kinds of golden shades and not only gold were shown, also all kind of other colors. After a while I started to fly (just like I used to dive backwards from a diving board into a pool) at a very rapid pace through several given layers. At my feet it was really busy as 'they' worked on them, which was keenly felt. It's like if someone was pressing hard with their physical hands at my feet, ankles, and a small part of my lower legs. My eyes were closed, so I asked Wieke whsre she was and she told me she sitting 2 meters away from me. So, this was definitely not her, who had been working on my feet. She told me she had put some diamonds and sapphires between my feet. 'They'were working on my head as  well and not only there, my whole system was in motion enormously. I was able to observe at various levels what was going on.

The grid of the whales and the Dolphins were shown to me as well. The whole experience reminded me of the mushroom sessions, which I did on a very occasion some years ago. Both, driking tea of them as well as chewing them were one of those methods I have once tried, together with some very bitter chocalte, it will bring you psychedelic experiences for a very long time. Unfortunately, they are now on the list of banned substances.

There is also the Ayahuasca, the beverage from the Amazon. Personally I don't like the taste of it. This stuff really tasted ugly, but on the other hand it works and helps you to get visions. Now lying on 'my diamond bed'I can mae the trip as well, but this time without any mushrooms and ayahuasca. Time and space were gone for about 1,5 hours and then all of a sudden the first part was finished.

Everything feels calm and quiet. The mattress has been quickly cleared and we put up the massagetable for the second part of the healing. Another symbol has been put on top of the the table and once again I took place on top of it. Now,there was a complete different vibration, less tenuous or subtle, but very powerfull. Again, the process starts and again all of a sudden 'Wow' I said, I am expanding and while saying this, it feels and looks and expanding at a phenomenal pace. Again, all kinds of colors were shown and a specific part in my body that needs to be working on, everything in such a grandeur. Wieke was given instructions and was only allowed to work on one side of my body and although she tried to walk to another side of it, 'they immediately directed her back to this specific part of my body. This energy allows me to see it and this was really huge, solid and very old,  though far from this life. Suddenly my deceased cousin showed up and Wieke, who doesn't know anything about this, started to tell me what she sees, and I started laughing. Wieke has been shown what Debbie will do for me when I am in Australia. AHA, so this was the reason that i had to go to the cemetry and take my time.
Various feelings, sensations and all kind of colors were coming to me. Not only I am going to receive something in Down Under, but I am also going to bring something overthere. My spine showed up and really vivid and it is radiating, very strong and very powerful. This is something I had never seen before and while telling Wieke this, she pulled a book out of my bookshell and said to me 'I will fill you in later, as the answer must be in this book'.

The Uraeus has been activated. There were wings and Wieke as well as myself saw them very clearly. Now we both need to meditate on this specific piece at the front of my body. This, because none of us know what this spot means. There has been some gold as well a few very powerfull gemstones been placed on my body. 'They' are trying to make a connection from my feet to that specific spot. The connection is not yet there and I do 'know' that this is going to take some time. Wieke has been informed by her spirits as they told her that the "connection is a process". This whole trancehealing took us about 3 hours and after that we were done. At that moment my next door neighbour enters the house and says "so, are the Witches back in town again'? I started laughing and try to sit up straight, I really do feel my back! It is about time to leave the massagetable, as my body feel still and when I look in the mirror I do see a huge difference in my energy.

My epidural showed itself to Wieke. At first she was confused about it, as to her, as to her it did not make any sense, but later on she found out that the liquids beings used during my operation still showed energetically, like a resdidue. This had also been removed during this session. Really great and good work Wieke! During this lifetime I had already attented many healings and also experienced healings, but I never had an experience like this! This was not a transformation but a transmutation session. The next day I really felt great....lighter and different. A huge cosmic gift has come to me, as I said I am really blessed.

For more information you can email Wieke:

Saturday, 8 February 2014

I remember the Cheese of my Childhood

Last night during my stay in Albany, there was a senior citizen who read the next poem:

I remember the cheese of my childhood
and the bread that we cut with a knife
When the children helped with the housework
and the men went to work not the wife

The cheese never needed an ice chest
and the bread was so crusty and hot
The children were seldom unhappy
and the wife was content with her lot

I remember the milk from the billy
with the yummy cream on the top
Our dinner came hot from the oven
and not from the fridge in the shop

The kids were a lot more contented
they didn''t need money for kicks
Just a game with our mates in the paddock
and sometimes the Saturday flicks

I remember the shops on the corner
where a pen'arth of lollies was sold
Do you think I'm a bit to nostalgic
or is it......I'm just getting old?
I rmember when the loo was the dunny
and the dunny man came in the night
It wasn't the least bit funny
going out the back with no light
The interesting item we perused
from the newspaper cut into squares
And hun on a peg in the out house
it took little to keep amused
The clothes were boiled in copper
with plenty of rich foamy suds
But the ironing seemed never ending
as mum pressed everyone's duds
Remember the slap on the backside
and the taste of soap if I swore
Anorexia and diets weren''t heard of
and we hadn't much choise what we wore
Do you think that bruised our ego?

or our initiative was destroyed
We ate what was put on the table
and I think life was better enjoyed
Author unknown to me.......but in a way it makes sense.